On Tuesday, I finally got the letter that allows me to get an official ID for my consulting job at Famous Art Institution. This is a wonderful thing, because it means I’ll be able to get in the building without yelling through the window, fishwife fashion, for a colleague to come let me in. Plus all the other attendant benefits that a University ID card has, natch. I’m really hoping the weather cooperates next week so I can get my picture taken when I’m on campus again.

Why does the weather matter? Because if I’m going to have my hair on some sort of permanent record, it’s going to have to look good. And this week it’s entirely too wide.

Yup, I’m just that shallow.

(BTW, you may be wondering about the new tag on this post. Here’s a little primer on Vo ‘Dilandese: we don’t hold with /r/ at the end of words. And we’re not real fond of single syllables either. Thus, “hay-uh” for “hair.”)