Here is the first finished object (besides a dishcloth) that I’ve finished in months — it’s a “Tomten” (Elizabeth Zimmerman) jacket for my niece S. I got the last button sewn on about an hour before my parents left for the airport, so it made it into the suitcase, and has arrived safely in Shanghai.

I made this out of good old Patons worsted wool, and since I’ve made at least two dozen of these jackets over the years, it took no time at all to get the main pieces done. Then it languished in my basket for about a  year before I sewed up the minimal seams, put on the i-cord edging (a new technique for me — don’t remember how I finished the other ones), and sewed on the buttons. Which took all of five hours.

Nothing inspires like a deadline, huh? The good news is that even after all that languishing, it’s still a bit big for S, so she’ll be able to wear it for a good long while.