As much as I love having iCal, iTunes, Hipstamatic, and Chicktionary with me at all times, there’s one app that I love more than any other: White Noise.

I have had sleep issues (colic, night terrors, sleepwalking, insomnia) almost all of my life. So I’ve learned through my own experience that white noise is one of the best ways to fall asleep, especially in an unfamiliar environment. In fact, I’ve been known to run the air conditioning in a strange hotel room in the dead of winter, just to be able make my date with Mr. Sandman.

That’s why I’m such a happy little bunny to have discovered White Noise — I can choose the sound I want to listen to, set it to run as long as I like, and set an alarm to wake me up gently the next morning. I can even mix sounds to get just the right level of “coverage.” Another bonus is that once White Noise has run for a little while, the display goes to a digital clock face (with easy to adjust brightness).

I recommend that you pay for the app rather than using the “lite” version, since the full feature set is well worth the 1.99 it costs. You’ll have more sounds to choose from, and the app will run smoothly in the background — so even if you wake up in the middle of the night, it’s easy to see what time it is and to start up your nighttime soundtrack again if you need to.

Oh, and I love this. When I was a colicky little bitty, night after night my poor parents used to slowly drive me around the block in the back seat of the VW, with my baby seat in that little cubby just over the engine, to soothe me to sleep. Think how much easier it would have made their lives to “have an app for that”!