My blog-friend Pseu has been posting about minimalist fashion, and has a great guest post, courtesy of Duchesse, about which sort of jewelry to wear with the streamlined clothes that we’re seeing everywhere. Since the majority of my work clothes fall comfortably under the minimalist rubric (and since the ones that don’t are being steadily weeded out of the closet),  I’m really enjoying this conversation!

The "blob"

I wanted to share a few of the baubles I wear most often around my neck — when I’m not wearing a scarf, that is. I’ll post a few of the zillion or so bracelets I own later on this week.

The first piece is known around here as “the blob” – it’s rolled sterling silver wire, about 2.5″ long, on a short snake chain. I sometimes swap it out for a longer chain, or for a silk cord, depending on what I’m wearing. This piece is lightweight and cool, and gets a lot of wear when it’s too hot for anything else.

Silver Navajo "pearls"

Next are my “Navajo pearls” – they have a very subtle design around them, which you’ll see if you click on the photo. The biggest one is about 1.5″ across, but because they’re hollow, they don’t weigh much at all; the total length of the strand is about 22″. There’s no need for much additional adornment with these, that’s for sure, and I love them against any dark color, not just black.

Tagua and m.o.p. beads

Last we have a strand of flat tagua nut and mother of pearl beads on waxed linen cord. When I used to wear these as a single strand, they never really did much for me. Then I decided to double them, using ribbon ties, and what a difference! They’re really striking, and I love the way the nut beads fade into the background while the pearly surfaces pop. If you’ve got a long strand of beads hanging around, give this trick a try. It makes much more of a statement.

By the way, the other accessory you’ll see in these photos is cat hair. As anyone with a cat knows, you’re never fully dressed without a light dusting of cat hair. Since Zou’s is grey, it shows up on everything. I’m SO lucky.