Why, oh why, have so many dependable retailers decided that all women want their skirts up above their knees? Don’t they know that for most of us over 45, this is not a length we love? I was just having a look at Lands’ End and Talbots’ websites, and the vast majority of the dresses shown are above knee-length. Even on the adorable not-really-old MamaRubi, she of the never-ending gams, it’s not the greatest look.

Lands’ End, to their credit, do tend to make their plus dresses below knee-length (or even longer). I can take advantage of that because as an 18, I can sit the fence, as it were, between plus and straight sizes. But since Talbots doesn’t deign to show plus dresses on plus models (at least not online), I wouldn’t risk it there. And nobody wants to see my knees, least of all me!

(I guess if one could still cover the hem mark with rick-rack, like MamaRubi did back when I was a lass, it wouldn’t irk so much to have to let dresses down, would it? Perhaps it’s time to bring back the look.)