Jersey Top + Jersey Trousers = Garanimals for Grownups

Here’s my very first “Polyvore on the Floor,” complete with Pseu’s should-be-patented “action-y” legs. (Patience, please – I’m hopeful that I’ll get better at flat photography one of these days.)

Figuring out what to wear back to class is always a challenge, since I want to wear the new fall pieces I’ve bought to beat the rush, and the weather isn’t always conducive. For example, tomorrow we’re looking at temperatures in the 70’s, but it will be thoroughly air conditioned in the classroom — rather like dressing for two climates!

This kind of work outfit is pretty standard for me — comfy, fairly casual, and a bit artsy. And interestingly, I’m relatively “dressed up,” compared to my colleagues; the prevailing fashion sense at my institution, despite its Ivy League status, isn’t exactly posh.

The biggest challenge for the next two weeks is whether or not I’m going to wear my black pencil skirt and/or dress at all. While they’re both fabrics that are appropriate for this time of year, it’s still too warm for tights by half, but my legs aren’t even close to tanned. How do you deal with this “ni-fu-ni-fa” time of year?

Anyhew, here are the deets.

Swingy, and totally light weight - about two inches long

At least ten years old and still in frequent use

“Muddy purple” jersey top: j.jill (yes, we’ve reconciled)

Black jersey pants: j.jill (last year’s)

Hand-painted silk scarf: Iro Design

Silver ear “drums”: craft artist — not sure who anymore

Sandals: Kork-Ease – I like a bit of a heel for work

Bag: ILI Leather – the real workhorse of my non-summer bags