I’ve been running around like mad this week — hence today’s late post — getting a new project off the ground, helping out with marathon placement testing sessions on campus, etc., etc. Needless to say, the stress has built up quite a bit!

That’s why it was a wonderful treat today when a saleswoman at the Aveda store gave me a quick neck and shoulder rub. I almost said “No,” since I was focused on getting home as quickly as possible and because I knew that I wasn’t going to buy more than a tube of foot cream, but she insisted that I deserved it and that it would be her pleasure — so I  sat down. Oh, am I glad I did. The shoulder rub itself only lasted about ten minutes, but I’ve been relaxed ever since. Better yet, I was reminded that it’s OK to give people an opportunity to do things for us. It’s as much an act of grace as our helping others is.

And that’s my recommendation for you, dear ones. Let someone — whether it’s someone you know well or not — do something nice for you. Then smile, and say “Thank you.” Bliss!