For light reading, I thoroughly enjoy the Inspector Montalbano mystery series, by Italian author Andrea Camilleri. The protagonist is a tough-talking Sicilian detective, whose interior life is as sensitive as they come. In addition to being a gourmet and a synesthete, he is also a meteopath. The lighter and darker aspects of his character are a large part of what makes the books interesting, as well as finding out “whodunit.”

Meteopathy is an interesting phenomenon, well-known in folk medicine, though not fully recognized by modern science. In addition to Season Affective Disorder (SAD) and the “wind-madness” brought on by the sirocco and the foehn, there is some evidence that “spring fever” is actually due to the rapidly fluctuating barometric pressure that’s common in the transition from winter to spring.

I’ve always had a hard time getting through late fall, and long stretches of gloomy weather in any season also tend to be reflected in my mood. Living in a hurricane zone, I’ve seen how everyone in the family falls asleep as the eye of the storm passes over. And today, after two days of a lot of very dark low cloud, rain, and wind, I’m ready to spend the day snoozing!

Do you find that the weather affects your mood? How do you cope?