Well, I crept off to the osteopath’s this afternoon and had a lovely adjustment, so I’m starting to feel like a human again (almost). The long nap afterwords with my new body pillow and my old heating pad certainly helped seal the deal.

Since I had some time to kill between my morning coaching session and my doctor’s appointment, I went to a cute little yarn store in the neighborhood and bought some yarn for a sweater I want to make for myself. Fortunately the store’s stock was denuded after a big sale, so there wasn’t a ton of temptation to buy stuff that I “might need later.” I did, however, buy a book off the bargain shelf — but it was only $5, so totally permissible. I just couldn’t resist – called Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning, it looks at the contemplative nature of knitting.

Like a lot of knitters, I classify my projects into ones that I can do while I’m doing something else — because they don’t require constant attention — and ones that I need to concentrate on or risk twisting a cable in the wrong direction. And because I tend to have a lot of things I want to do in a very limited amount of time, I lean toward working on projects that are of the first type. (When I rode the train daily to work, I tended to split my time between project types more evenly — I mean, what else are you going to do for an hour on Metro North but knit?) But Manning’s premise is that all projects are worthy of mindfulness, even the simplest — and to demonstrate it, she includes a project for a “Deliberate Focus Garter Stitch Scarf.” Intriguing, no?

So even without having read too many pages as yet, I’m already setting myself the intention of making this new sweater as mindfully as I can. As soon as the miserable humidity diminishes, that is. For now, it’s nothing but cotton washcloths for me.