Just a quick post today, because my back has decided that it really, really doesn’t like me, and I can’t think straight when a part of my body has it in for me… urgh.

Why is this woman smiling? Because she has a core of steel!

But this massive discomfort is also a good reminder of why it’s so important to look after one’s “core muscles” — the ones that wrap around the torso at about belly-button height. Especially for a person like me who spends a lot of time sitting (in the car, at the computer, at the library, etc.), strong core muscles are essential — well, they’re really essential for all of us. So once I don’t feel so ow-wy, it’s time to get out my Pilates DVDs and start to do my hundreds again. (I’ll be doing the beginner’s version — and I sure won’t have quite so big a grin on my face as the woman in the photo, natch.)

For now, though, I’ve got a hot date (pun very much intended) with my microwave-able back bag and some ibuprofen. Catch y’all tomorrow!