It’s miserably hot, humid, and stormy today – but I’ve got a/c! So what better time to be reading my new fall issue of Interweave Knits and looking at yarn online? Of course, virtual yarn fondling leaves a little something to be desired when compared to the time-honored squeeze-and-sniff* technique, but at this stage (i.e., deluding myself into believing that I’ll have time to make dozens of sweaters for myself and my loved ones), it works for me. At some point in the next weeks, I’ll pay a visit to my yarn stash, a/k/a “The Department of Unfinished Projects,” take a deep breath at the sight of all those orphan socks, mittens, and sweaters, and choose one sweater to make right now. Which I might even finish, like, and wear. (Stop giggling, you Kneedle Knerds out there!)

However, the thing that’s got me all excited is that in my sheepy meanderings across the Interwebs, I have managed to discover that one of my favorite sites, The Museum of Kitschy Stitches, is back among the living after a long hiatus. If you’ve ever knitted, crocheted, or been the victim recipient of a hand-knitted or -crocheted labor of love — heck, if you can sit up and take nourishment — you need to visit this site. It’s right up there with The Gallery of Regrettable Food in its status as a time-capsule of WTF- and hysteria-inducing delightfulness. Go! Go right now! I’ll be here when you get back.

*Note: Any knitter worth his/her salt always has to sniff test the fiber. How else are you going to get that powerful lanolin high? Obviously, some yarns don’t smell like sheep or llamas or goats. We don’t knit with those at Casa Rubi.