According to Henry James, they were “summer afternoon.” And you know, sitting here on the breezy deck, listening to lawn-mowers hum and birds sing, I think he might have been on to something.

Summer is my favorite season — I love its ripe exuberance, the smells of peaches, and seaweedy brine, and tomato leaves. I am delighted to give my ginormous shoe collection a bit of a rest and barefoot it around the house. It is wonderful not to have to “layer up” in order to get outside. And here in New England, I love how it stretches out into October. (Though, since it’s just the second of August today, we can wait a bit to think about that.)

Since I’m not working seriously at much of anything right now, I’ve given myself permission to enjoy these lazy afternoons. I deserve it, I think. To flop on the porch glider and read for hours if that’s what I want to do — to have a nap, for sure — to go for a late afternoon swim with my pal up the hill. Heaven!

Even if you’ve got a job to go to, kids to wrangle, and dinner to serve, be sure to find a little time for yourselves, too. Kick off your shoes. Eat a peach. You deserve it, don’t you?