I’ve got insane curly hair. Wild, thick-but-fine, tending-to-dry, cowlicky, curly hair. If you are also a curly girl, you probably have a product graveyard under your sink just like mine. All those pretty bottles that promised a lot but delivered little…

This, kids, is THE STUFF!

So you can trust me on this one — you want to get your mitts on the Rene Furterer Acanthe “Perfect Curls” line. It consists of just three products: shampoo “milk,” conditioner, and leave-in fluid. All three are fabulous, but my fave is the leave-in. It really does curl your hair like crazy, and because it’s alcohol-free, it’s also crunch-free. Your hair is soft and shiny, not stiff and dry. Wonderful stuff! I’ve already got my curly mom hooked.

I brought mine back from Madrid, but you can find it on Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, and eBay, for more or less what it would cost you in Europe. Or you could just jet off to Paris and buy some in the neighborhood “pharmacie.” (Probably more fun, that option.)